Essential Pronunciation Practice when Teaching English Online from Home


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Online ESL students must understand others when they talk in English. For ESL learners who are challenged with pronunciation, this is harder in practice. Which is the reason it is certainly essential for you as an online ESL teacher to include pronunciation practice when you teach English online from home, rather than only correct pronunciation errors on the fly. There are ways to make practicing pronunciation a bit more fun.

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1# Verb Endings pronunciation is something that’s especially troublesome for some students. There are 3 possible sounds for the letter S. First, review them /s/, /z/, and /iz/.

  • Words that end with the /s/ sound: cups, sleeps, cooks, walks, students, writes, and months.
  • Words that end with the /z/ sound: wears, gloves, plays, says, rides, crabs, drives, and clothes.
  • Words that end with the /iz/ sound: boxes, buses, rises, churches, sandwiches, dishes, pushes, changes, and ages.

Video: Good review of /s/, /z/, and /iz/

This is just a simple  Exercise 

2# Conjugate Third Person Singular – Is expressed using he, she, or it. The basic rule is added -s to the base form of the verb.

  • Swim: I swim, you swim, he swims, she swims, it swims we swim, they swim.

Also, verbs that end in -sh, -ch, -o, -ss, -x, and -es.

  • Touch: I touch, you touch, he touches, she touches, it touches, we touch they touch.

Finally, verbs that end with -y and a consonant before it, ies.

  • Dry: I dry, you dry, he dries, she dries, it dries, we dry, they dry.

When I teach the above, I sing it and then the online ESL student sings it. It is a lot of fun. Mimicking is a vital part of pronunciation practice, that’s, you model a word and pupils repeat by copying the same stress and tone.Then do a reading exercise that has /s/, /z/, and /iz/ verb endings. Finally a fill in the blank picking the correct verb like swim or swims or do multiple words in the same exercise. Also, you can do a listening exercise by saying the word and the student spells it.  

3# Verb Exercise: Say a verb and ask the online ESL student to say it in the 3rd person singular. Here is a fun, challenging exercise for online ESL students who are comfortable with the phonetic spelling of terms, or online ESL students who are not, but who can figure it out.

4# Another Exercise: Among the things individuals need to know is that though you’ll find 26 letters in the English alphabet, you’ll find just 44 sounds, which the number of letters in a phrase cannot be the same as the number of sounds. The word bat has 3 sounds and 3 letters, but batch has five letters and 3 sounds. Divide the blank PPT into six columns and at the top of each write 2 sounds”, 3 sounds”, 4 sounds and so on till 6 sounds. Give online ESL students a list of words and ask them to put each in the correct column. 

You can increase the possibilities for understanding through practice when teaching ESL online from home.  Much of this is listen and repeat practice but add in reading with fill in the blank, spelling, and picking out the correct sounds. Do it in a fun way so it isn’t boring. Also, Tongue Twisters are interesting and excellent for pronunciation exercise. That is a good way to help online ESL students to practice the longer ones.

Here are some quotes from Happy Parents”

“Baby said that this is a very like singing teacher!”

“The teacher very carefully, the correct pronunciation of the child, to encourage children to sentence output.”

“Very serious and responsible teacher, serious error correction, repeatedly strengthen the ability to listen and speaking, professor of a lot of knowledge, thank you teacher Daniel!”

Happy Teaching! Teacher Daniel

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Catapult your Online ESL Teaching Job Success by Focusing on Pronunciation


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Every online ESL student has to possess a pronunciation component to his/her language studies. Occasionally a student might need one or more strategy for practicing English pronunciation. By making certain you utilize variety in your pronunciation lessons, your online ESL students will be more confident with English pronunciation and earn the assurance which comes along with it.

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I use the following methods below in my online ESL classroom. When doing this, it doesn’t have to be boring for the student. You can do these methods by singing or using rhythm.

1# You say the objective sound and have your online ESL students repeat it after you. Example: The word A-maz-ing. Work backwards pronouncing each syllable until the student pronounces the whole word correctly. When working on a particular sound, it might help your ESL students to isolate that one sound from the others.

2# Focus on the little nuances in the correct pronunciation and ingrained the sound rhythm patterns in their heads. This is particularly helpful when you have several students fighting with a particular sound delineation. You ought to use minimal pairs to assist your pupils with their pronunciation by concentrating on a particular sound. Example, con and cone, fin and fine, pin and pine. Also, your online ESL students will enlarge their vocabularies whenever you instruct minimal pairs. At times, your students might think they’re using correct pronunciation when in reality they’re saying something quite different. Most online ESL classroom are recording what your students are saying, you have empirical data to playback for every student. This will help the student improve. 

3# Giving your students the ability to view their very own physical movements while they’re working on their pronunciation may be of excellent value. You may always encourage your students to take a look at your mouth and face on how to pronounce certain sounds, but they’ll also take advantage of seeing what movements they’re making as they speak. This is why online ESL classrooms are great. Online ESL students can see themselves as they are doing it. Becoming aware of the physical movements required with pronunciation is all your students will need to correct pronunciation problems of which they’re unaware.

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4# Whatever your online ESL students pronunciation challenge, you can add English spelling to the mystery of the spoken word. After you teach your students the Synthetic Phonetics, you may use those symbols every time you introduce new language to your students. If you’re using phonetic symbols to assist you instruct vowel pronunciation, a diagram of which every English vowel sound is produced may be eye-opening for the students.

Teaching students the correct pronunciation will be noticed by parents. Here are some REAL comments from my student’s parents:

“Thank you, Daniel! Nancy is getting more fluently and is able to talk more complicated sentences now. Please keep on asking more questions to her and correcting her pronunciation. Happy New Year!”

“This is the first time in Daniel class, I found him to be a very serious teacher, can find children in pronunciation problems and can be corrected in a timely manner, will ask questions in the lives of their children, I am willing to teachers and children can talk outside of the course of things, even a little, let the children no longer treat English as a task to complete, it is real as a language to use.”

“Very patiently to correct the pronunciation of my child, for the difficult sentence word for word and sentence for sentence decomposition through repeated practice.”

“The teacher is very good, in the form of singing to teach some pronunciation.”

This is one key component to my success as an Online ESL Teacher. Remember to make it fun while focusing on getting the student to improve.

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Life Coming Full Circle with Passion: Teach ESL Online from Home the Possibilities are Endless


My love of languages began in high school where I took 2 years of German.  After my senior year, I had the opportunity to visit our exchange student from Czech Republic.  I loved being in a new environment where I could not understand the language.  Her parents and I communicated in other ways, and I enjoyed the experience so much.  Some 20 years later, we are still friends!   As I began my search for what I wanted to do in life, I was drawn toward teaching.  Specifically, I wanted to teach English as a second language.   I looked into several programs.  Family members asked how I could possibly teach if I did not know the language of my students.  These questions and the events of life veered me off the path.  I still wanted to work with children, and I found my way into counseling.  I worked as a school counselor for many years, and eventually I stayed home to teach my own children.  

Throughout the journey of life, I felt a longing to interact with other peoples and cultures.   Home and family kept me from taking off and exploring the world.  I devoted my time to teaching my children about other cultures.  I taught them songs I learned in English and Czech.  We visited museums and Skyped with friends around the world.  I found that the connections we share as people are deeper than I had realized.  We met a family that does medical charity work in the Middle East and became fast friends.  They work with a group who many fear.   One day, my children and I were on Skype with them and the wife introduced me to a woman and her two young boys.  I laughed to myself as I saw this Muslim boy and my son making silly faces at each other through the screen.  We were truly in a new era globally!

In the middle of a career search this past October, I discovered an online TESL program called VIPKID.  I actually applied last year , but I was fearful of putting information online.  (I’m an old Gen-X lady ok?)  I clicked on the link and began the process of applying.  I did research online into the company.  I watched Youtube videos of enthusiastic teachers giving tips on things such as TPR.  (What was that?)  The light inside of me began to flicker once again.  The love of teaching English as a second language became a reality for me once again.  This time I wouldn’t let the naysayers or stressors of life get in my way.  This time I would seize the opportunity and pursue it with all of my energy.  

As I continue on this new journey in life, I can’t help but feel I have come full circle.  The goal I envisioned years ago is finally coming to fruition.   Life does funny things at times , and you have to be open to seeing the opportunities as they come.  I hope you keep your eyes open and pursue your dreams just as I have!  If teaching English as a second language has sparked some passion within you, I want to encourage you to try out VIPKID.  You can APPLY HERE,  and I want you to please contact me if you do as I will help you every step of the way.

Some Advantages and Disadvantages to Learning ESL Online


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Learning ESL online allows students to learn through the use of technology. Some online ESL classrooms use Skype, Zoom, QQ, or Wix. More and more schools today are creating their own online platforms. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to learning ESL online.

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Firstly, with digital technology, virtual ESL classes are very popular today. More and more students are learning ESL online. But, an important part of actually participating in school is the socialization which comes along with spending time with peers, no matter what their age. Just as a disadvantage to home schooling is the insufficient socialization for the students, learning through an online ESL classroom offers the same disadvantage. But many online classes now offer group classes. Online ESL students can have breakout rooms so they can work on a class task. Also, some ESL schools are offering classes with up to 5 ESL students in each class. So digital technology is making online classes more sociable and interactive than ever before.
Secondly, you might be capable to learn a whole lot at home as well as on one’s own schedule. Many schools might offer online classes that aren’t in your area or better classes at cheaper prices. Taking online ESL classes are becoming the norm because it gives parents and teachers more flexibility. Also, this gives parents access to better teachers.

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Thirdly, sometimes technology issues arise and they are really annoying, but if they take place when ESL students are in the middle of attending a virtual ESL course, they can be incredibly tumultuous. This is why online ESL students need to have a backup internet and computer. But you need to be motivated to learn ESL online as well. Although not everybody enjoys rising early and actually attending school, the construction of conventional schooling may benefit some ESL students. Taking web-based ESL courses through a virtual classroom calls for a large amount of self-discipline.
Fourthly, If you are predisposed towards procrastination, a virtual classroom setting might not be for you. Although some subjects are theoretical and may be taught efficiently online, others require hands-on learning. Many subjects don’t lend themselves well to virtual classrooms since they’re best learned through actually experiencing something. Though virtual classrooms make it possible for online ESL students to chat with teachers along with other students online, it isn’t the same as standing face to face with an online ESL teacher.
Finally, learning ESL online has to be right for you. It is a big investment for both the parents and teachers. Learning ESL online gives parents better access to teachers. It gives them the flexibility in scheduling for both the online ESL teachers and parents. Teaching ESL online and learning online is the future of the ESL industry.

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