How to get started teaching English online from home

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The requirements for teaching online ESL are fairly essential like a TESOL Certificate, Bachelor degree, and being a little tech savvy. Some programs that are used to teach ESL online are Skype, WeChat, and Zoom. But many companies are now creating their own platforms and many are video based. If you don’t know how to use one of the above programs, go to Skype WeChat, or Zoom and follow the simple directions.

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There was a move recently away from the computer and pupils need to really have their lessons on the phone or iPad. During the holidays, some of my students have taken lessons in restaurants and even in the car. But this can be problematic because of all the background noise and sometimes it is hard for the student to focus on the lesson.

Furthermore, You may want your students to use a noise canceling earpiece or Bluetooth. This will help reduce the background noise so it is easier to correct and hear the student.

Don’t let classroom management scare you off from teaching ESL online, most online schools should have a reward system in place. But I would also have a secondary reward system just in case.

Constantly remember that it is not the technology savvy that makes the best teachers online, it is essential to have a passion for teaching as well.

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