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Teaching ESL online may be an extremely rewarding job. It’s thrilling to observe folks who don’t speak English slowly and learn how to make use of the language to convey it via teaching. Just a couple of decades ago, in the event that you were an English as a second language teacher, you either needed to work with the school district or abroad educating kids. Teaching methods have developed a whole lot thanks to new technologies and academics now who teach ESL online in their spare time from home.

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Locating an ESL teaching position that is online is possible, however, it will take determination. First, get an academic degree of some kind. Most online language schools would rather have an academic degree when searching for candidates, but in addition, they know that lots of ESL teachers have been teaching for years, thus you could forgo the bachelor’s degree condition if you have ESL teaching expertise. It wouldn’t hurt to get ESL certification. Regardless if you have ESL teaching expertise or not, certificate validates ESL teaching skills. ESL certificate classes are offered at universities and local schools. You may also locate certificate classes online at sites like i-to-i TEFL, UNI-Prep Institute’s TEFL certification, or International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT) .

Next, write your curriculum vitae out and jot down your teaching experience. Write out if your teaching expertise is with all the preceding, adults, teenagers or kids. Also state if your experience is in the public, corporate sector or any translation work you’ve done as well. You also want to include your certifications, education and computer expertise. Don’t forget to prepare your computer equipment to make certain you have a reliable high-speed access to the internet, a headset, a mic plus a quality webcam. Test all of the Internet network devices to make certain they work right. Browse the internet job boards like ESL Authority,, or to find the best suitable job teaching ESL online. Try to find ESL classified ads which might be particular to teachers which are online.

Finally, start applying for online ESL jobs that best fit your circumstances like hours, student type, and pay. Then start sending out your resume. Also, visit ESL community groups like Teach ESL Online Anywhere in Facebook  & Dave’s ESL Cafe, ESL Job Project or ESL Teachers Board at which you can post and talk about companies looking for online ESL teachers. Also, review classified ad offering on-line ESL jobs. Browse the internet for ESL schools like Lingokids or WonderKids. When looking for teaching jobs try to find the Online ESL schools website to contact them directly. Occasionally online ESL teaching jobs are not being advertised for by the online English school but have a few positions which are open. If you find a potential online ESL school send them a copy of the curriculum vitae plus a cover letter stating your curiosity about working with them. Review online ESL job ads and online ESL schools to increase your probability of being contacted. Be consistent when putting in an application for online ESL teaching jobs. Also, you will have to do a lot of follow-up with the online ESL schools. Some of them might cancel your interview multiple times but you just have to keep following up to get to the interview stage. I hope this helps.

Happy Teaching!  Teacher Daniel

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Life Coming Full Circle with Passion: Teach ESL Online from Home the Possibilities are Endless


My love of languages began in high school where I took 2 years of German.  After my senior year, I had the opportunity to visit our exchange student from Czech Republic.  I loved being in a new environment where I could not understand the language.  Her parents and I communicated in other ways, and I enjoyed the experience so much.  Some 20 years later, we are still friends!   As I began my search for what I wanted to do in life, I was drawn toward teaching.  Specifically, I wanted to teach English as a second language.   I looked into several programs.  Family members asked how I could possibly teach if I did not know the language of my students.  These questions and the events of life veered me off the path.  I still wanted to work with children, and I found my way into counseling.  I worked as a school counselor for many years, and eventually I stayed home to teach my own children.  

Throughout the journey of life, I felt a longing to interact with other peoples and cultures.   Home and family kept me from taking off and exploring the world.  I devoted my time to teaching my children about other cultures.  I taught them songs I learned in English and Czech.  We visited museums and Skyped with friends around the world.  I found that the connections we share as people are deeper than I had realized.  We met a family that does medical charity work in the Middle East and became fast friends.  They work with a group who many fear.   One day, my children and I were on Skype with them and the wife introduced me to a woman and her two young boys.  I laughed to myself as I saw this Muslim boy and my son making silly faces at each other through the screen.  We were truly in a new era globally!

In the middle of a career search this past October, I discovered an online TESL program called VIPKID.  I actually applied last year , but I was fearful of putting information online.  (I’m an old Gen-X lady ok?)  I clicked on the link and began the process of applying.  I did research online into the company.  I watched Youtube videos of enthusiastic teachers giving tips on things such as TPR.  (What was that?)  The light inside of me began to flicker once again.  The love of teaching English as a second language became a reality for me once again.  This time I wouldn’t let the naysayers or stressors of life get in my way.  This time I would seize the opportunity and pursue it with all of my energy.  

As I continue on this new journey in life, I can’t help but feel I have come full circle.  The goal I envisioned years ago is finally coming to fruition.   Life does funny things at times , and you have to be open to seeing the opportunities as they come.  I hope you keep your eyes open and pursue your dreams just as I have!  If teaching English as a second language has sparked some passion within you, I want to encourage you to try out VIPKID.  You can APPLY HERE,  and I want you to please contact me if you do as I will help you every step of the way.