1. Working Hours: Willingness to commit to a set weekly working schedule. Minimum 4 hours per week commitment during Beijing peak hours.
  2. Teaching 1-on-1 online English sessions for Chinese students between 5-16 years old.
  3. Planning and delivering lessons to our students by our own educational platform;
  4. Using our teaching and supplemental materials (that are provided)effectively;
  5. Ensuring classes are organized the class effectively online;
  6. Continuously assessing and finding ways to improve the performance of learners as they advance through her/his lessons.
  7. Be willing to share your stories, ideas and experience with the students.
  8. Evaluating student progress and providing ongoing guidance for improvement to student
  9. Providing a timely corrective feedback to students
  10. Regularly completing our session report and monthly student evaluation report
  11. Attending online training and development
What we offer
  1. Attractive payment. Our teachers receive a base pay of 20-30USD/hour;
  2. Flexible working hours. Enjoy the freedom to teach wherever you have a good internet connection;
  3. Fixed labor contract(6 months) to ensure teachers stable income each month;
  4. Bonus for successful demo class and KPI bonus; 5. Getting a raise while renewing your contract .(if you pass the performance evaluation)
  5. Paid technical training about the platform and regular teaching training
  6. Having opportunity to get free round-tickets to visit our headquarter in China
  7. If you believe that these are the roles for you please apply by forwarding your CV without delay!
What we want
  • Native English speaker from US/UK/CAN/AUS with standard American English or British English pronunciation;
  • An experienced teacher or an excellent student or a graduate from world-renowned university all year round.
  • Enthusiastic, responsible, cooperative and reliable;
  • Love kids and are willing to communicate with foreign students with good communication skills;
  • Passion for teaching online and have a Chinese cultural awareness;
  • You can interact in a friendly and patient manner with students;
  • You have good computer literacy and stable internet connection;
  • You have the online teaching set: a laptop, cabled internet ,and Headset with sealed headphones and a swivel boom microphone (USB headsets is preferred);
  • Teaching experience are preferred and experience in online teaching will be a plus;
  • If you hold teaching certificate such as ESL, TESOL , TEFL or US or Canada certified Teacher’s License, or willingness to obtain certification within the probation period, we will prioritize your application.

You need to have the requirements below:

English Level

AND one of the following sets to apply:

How to apply

CV(Resume) that is clearly dated.
A Recent picture from the shoulders up.
If the above are not sent in the first contact e-mail you WILL NOT receive a reply.


Contact me:
Lon Chen
Foreign Affairs (Online)

Email: lon.cyl@i2edu.cn
Phone: +86 15184477057
Wechat: lonning
Skype: 3c3707811b7ad14c

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