Tutoring Lab Online English Tutor

Tutoring provides a place for English tutors and students to meet and have lessons in less than a minute. Tutors can simply go online in free time and students can call available tutors and have lessons. We are looking for highly motivated and talented individuals to become a part of Tutoring.

1. Description
-Position: Online English Tutor
-Working hours: Flexible
-Teaching Tool: PC + headset + internet

2. Benefits
– Earn money while teaching English speaking in a convenient way.
– No need to prepare for lessons. We have +3000 teaching materials for you.
– Teach in your free time with a PC and internet connection with cable.
– Differentiate yourself with your own teaching style!

3. Responsibilities
– Familiarize with our own topic cards.
– Be professional while teaching.
– Leave well-written feedback.
– Be on time for appointments.

4. Requirements
– A native English speaker
– 18 years or older
– A college graduate or currently enrolled.
– A good internet connection.
– Experienced in teaching English.
– passionate about teaching English.
– If you have experience teaching TOEIC Speaking, TOEFL Speaking or OPIC Speaking, please mention it on the application.

5. Earnings
– Approximately $11.5 USD per hour (teaching time) + bonuses
– Extra earnings(+20%) during peak hours

6. How to apply
– Submit an application through this website:

*The earnings may change due to exchange fluctuations. The exchange rate of the day of payment will be applied and the rate will be posted as well.
Thank you.

Contact jipsk@tutoring.co.kr for more information.

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