Useful English Studying Online Native English speaker for kids


We are currently looking for native English Teachers to teach online.This is a Language school offering online English Classes for young learners from 5 to 12 years old,they will be placed into different groups according to their ages and English level 1-3 students per group. It focuses on English tutoring.We are recruiting part-time or full-time English teachers all year round.

*Maximum of 40 classes teaching per week.

*Be interested in teaching with a good sense of humor and passion.

*Native English speaker from UK,USA,Canada,Australia or New Zealand.

*Responsible,cooperative,disciplined and professional

*Teaching used internet,anywhere you are now.

.*A quiet room, a high speed internet connection, and fast operating computer is   required for the position.only works on Windows system.


Using Our own web-based educational platform.We will provide some basic training on how to use the app.We will give every teacher an account and code. If you are interested in our program, we will send you our teaching material.

Teaching materials:

All the teaching and training materials are provided.California primary school course from G1 to G6. Including California Treasures G1—G6; Science G1-G6; Grammar G1-G6; History; Let’s go1 to 3.

Class hour:

*The class plan and work schedule will be based on the teacher’s schedule.


*3,4days/week at least .inculding :weekend:9am-12am,according to the teaching experience.


2 weeks each month.

1-15th,: payment on 20th

16-30th,:payment on 5th of next month

Used by paypal

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