VivaLing Coach

Join us as a coach

Hourly rates are dependent on the coach’s tier.

Associate Coach:$13-27 hr/Advanced Coach:$20-34 hr/Expert Coach:$23-38 hr.

Coaches are the most important people in the academy. We cherish them and are very proud of our vibrant community of creative and talented language coaches for children from around the globe. Yet, we are extremely demanding of them.

Our coaches can all boast:

  • A native or near-native level of English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, or German
  • A minimum of two years of experience working full time with children
  • A certificate or degree in teaching languages, including the VOLT-YL certificate
  • Comfort with educational technology and a high quality computer (4 Gb RAM or higher, and at least 2 GHz processor) and Internet connection (minimum 1.2 Mbps)
  • At least 4 days of availability per week

If you meet these criteria and wish to apply, we kindly ask you to fill out the form below. Your application will go through the following stages:

  • Selection Process

Upon receipt of your application, we will ask you to submit a demo video lesson with a young language learner and invite you to arrange a virtual interview, or let you know that your application has not been successful.

During our interview process we will look at your skills, capabilities and expertise in engaging children, teaching languages and teaching in an online environment. Most importantly, we will assess your character and personality.

  • Onboarding Process

If you make it past the selection process, you will be invited to complete our on-boarding and training program, the VOLT-YL or its fast-track version. The training course will advance or extend your skills in teaching languages to children (ages 3-15) in an online or technologically rich environment.

  • Involvement in the Coach Community

You will then be welcomed into our coach community – a group of like-minded educators, who are exploring all the possibilities for continuous improvement. We will do everything we possibly can to help you develop and get you to the next coach tier.

We are always on the lookout for English, Mandarin, Spanish, French or German native or near-native coaches meeting our requirements  for these languages. If you think you may qualify, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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